Character Creation

Here I’ve included a few things that I think will help you guys in researching, creating, and managing your characters.


  • You can use any official Paizo source. If you want to use something from a third party source, let me clear it first (some of that stuff can be really un-balanced).
  • We are going to use 20 point buy. Remember that point buy isn’t linear (you can use this to calculate point buy. Your ability score can be no lower than 5, and no higher than 18 BEFORE racial traits. (ie, racial traits could bring your AS above 18, or below 5)
  • Browse the Archetypes for your class, they tweak the class a bit, giving you a theme around which you can build your character’s personality, goals, motivations etc.
    For Example, there is a Cleric Archetype called Undead Lord, and he’s found his faith in Necromancy, instead of the more diving deities.
  • Research your class very well. I want you to be the expert on your character sheet, I should be able to ask you guy questions to anything on your sheet and you have the answer. (Because I probably won’t without looking it up)

Rules and Resources

  • d20pfsrd
    This is going to be the most expansive resource, as it covers all Paizo rules and references, as well as 3rd Party materials. A little cumbersome to search for something on the fly, but if you want to know everything there is to know and a class, it’s a great resource.
  • Pathfinder Resource Document
    This is strictly Paizo published material, and it’s not as expansive. Way better for searching for a rule quickly, but not so good for extensive research


  • Core Class Generator
    This one is awesome. Super easy, creates a really nice well organized sheet, only catch is that it only contains Core Rules. So, if you want to be a base or some alternative class, you’re SOL.
  • PCGen
    This is a program you have to actually download and install. It’s really massive, and quite helpful. It has a little Summary window as you build your character that tells you what you have left to do before you character is complete. It’s comprehensive, but a tad bit overwhelming.

Character Creation

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