How to Level Up

Leveling Up

Leveling up requires very few actual choices and is more about making sure every part of your character sheet is up to date.

  • Saves, BAB, and Health
    First, take a look at your class guide, and update your Saves, and BAB, and your health.
    For health, we are just going to add max HD plus your constitution modifier, so HD+ConMod+CurrentHealth = New Health. For example, if your hit die is d8, and your constitution 12, you would add 9 to your current HP. Pretty sweet, I know.
  • Skills
    Second, skills. Again, look at your class guide, and see what your skills per level will be. It’s gonna be some number+IntMod. Plug those into your skills as you see fit, but remember you cannot have more ranks in a skill than you have levels. If you are level two, you can have at most 2 ranks in any given skill.
    Also, each time you put a level into your favored class (which you have to do, because I have not decided if I am going to let you multi-class yet.) You have the option to take 1 additional skill point, or 1 additional health point. Totes up to you.
    Side Note: If you are a human, you have the Skilled feat, which grants you an extra skill point each level. Make sure you aren’t missing out on something, make double sure your race/class doesn’t grant you some sort of leveling bonuses like this.
  • Feats, and Special Abilities
    You only pick additional feats every odd level (1, 3, 5 etc.), but your class will likely be given new abilities each level, and sometimes those new abilities give you new feats, so scroll through your class guide, and update your character sheet with all the new abilities/feats you gained by leveling up.

Ability Score
You add 1 point to two Abilities of your choosing every four levels( 4, 8, 12, 16, 20)

Update your Character Sheets!
It’s up you to update the sheet on the wiki and the sheet on Roll20. If you don’t I’m going to read it as is when making secret rolls, or using Roll20 macros etc.

Some Resources.

How to Level Up

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